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New Zealand is closer to Australia than
a lot of Australia is to itself.

We reckon Pic’s should be as easy to get for you as it is for us kiwis – after all, they are your nuts.

It's going to do a lot of good for both NZ and Australia when Pic’s becomes really famous and everybody in the world eats it.

Your order is going to be processed by Pic's sister Judy, whose spare room in Bellingen is bulging with peanut butter, and who has access to some of the best courier rates in Australia.

And hey, you can help us with this.

Before you place your order, consider for a moment, the person who gave you your first taste of Pic’s… a pretty special person huh? So why not get yourself an extra jar and give it to someone you’d like to be remembered by.

Good on you. May you be happy forever. pic-sig2.png